Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thoughts on small house living

I know it may sound crazy but I have been thinking lately about whethe having a small house on wheels will tie me down to living in one place. If I have the desire to travel outsode of the country I will need to find a place to park it and soemone to watch it. This could cost money, which is something that I have little of and the little I do posses I try to spend on things i need and not luxaries like a parking spot. I have the desire to live without a mortage, rent or utility bill and paying for a parking space feels very much like having to pay rent. The thought of it Depresses me.

A new thought has entered my mind and that thought is to buy some land in the middle of nowhere for a few hundred dollars and build a house on it to serve as my base camp from where I can take trips and have a place to lay my head when I return. The thought of this is comforting to me, but the practicality of it is still hazey.

So many ideas and dreams are circulating through my head. Only one month until I graduate from college and I have no idea of what life will look like. I know no one looks at this blog but if you do keep your opinions to yourself. Three/fourths the fun of an experience is the unexpected. it will all work out. My faith is anchored is Christ.


  1. Geoffrey,
    Someone is looking at your blog. It's fun to see what you are doing and your idea about buying some land in the middle of nowhere sounds like something Uncle Robert would want to do too. We look forward to the continued progress and news of where your "journey" takes you.
    Aunt Kay

  2. Actually, I look at your blog, too. : ) I'm one of your coworkers this summer in NH. This is super cool. You don't have family that would let you park at their place while traveling? My other idea is finding some people that live on a bunch of land and trading some manual labor for parking your house at their place for a summer or winter or whatever. Kind of like workamping? Amani! -Dani

  3. Awww Bless your Heart This is a awesome project you did a Wonderful Job on this little House and what a Awesome Thought :) my husband and little girl tried that same thing but we Bought one of them little cabins you see around most every where the ones you have to Finishes your self !! inside like yours but I Must say you have built your little cabin 100% better then any of them Place Man so be Proud :) we Love it and we were buying Land Cheep and had the Cambin set on the Land and well my Husband got laid off a month later and we lost it all :( I love your little Cabin and how its set up like a RV :) we are trying to sell our 1995 Ford Pick up right now to buy another RV to live in if it ever came to that ! we are in Enid right now husband working but its one of them things I tell him you never know when it could happen again times are Tuff and we are here to say you could have a Job and a place to live one day and be on the street the next :( we feel the same as you Just get something live in it out in the country were we can live off the Land like the old days ! when there was know Running water or Elect,Bills it seems time are getting very hard day by day and a Man goes to work to Kust give it all away to everyone else ! and still have nothing to show for it ! very sad But anyway we Feel your Love for life and your Family and Friends and theres for you for Helping you Build your Little Home on wheels ! if I was you I think I would rethink selling it you may need it to live in one day Times are getting harder and harder :( in any case its very Nice and I would love to have it my self its Great you done a Great Job !!! God Bless you and your Family Leigh